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V2 "2012" ARV SE Regional Sieger Show in 12-18 Males
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V2 "2012" RKNA SWRK Breed Show in 12-18 Males



Vollenhaus' BULL vom KIERNANHAUS
WRD, WD, BOW, BOS, AKC Pointed


CRITIQUE: large, strong bones, very well built, strong head, large ears, dark eyes, stop and cheek bones very good, strong muzzle, dark mouth pigment and little bit marble pink, strong short neck, correct chest proportions, correct angulated, strainght back, correct croup, tail correct, very good coat, correct markings, front pasterns a little bit open, free movement. JUDGE: Helmut Weiler ADRK (Germany)

CRITIQUE: 13 months, scissors bite, excellent size, correct coat, and colors, steeper set longer wet neck, correct chests, open front, correct rear, strong hocks, weaker elbows, open toes, strong head, correctly set and carried ears, bit wrinkled skull, nice eye color, looser eye lids, should have better pronounced fill under eye and cheek, excellent pigment, looser lips, in movement soft topline, looser elbows, excellent reach in the rear. JUDGE: Lydia Mihajlovic, FCI (Serbia)

CRITIQUE: 13 months, scissors bite, large, well bone and muscled throughout, excellent type, alert, self assured, very strong male head, excellent expression, very good breath of skull, medium high set ears, carried correctly, excellent stop, slightly round shape deep set eye, short strong broad deep muzzle, good strength of under jaw, excellent pigment, excellent chest, very well pronounced forechest, correct shape compact feet, well arched toes, strong very well muscled neck going into very good topline, slight break in the wither, slightly sloping croup, very good underline, well sprung ribs, excellent rear end, well defined upper and lower thigh, well set and angled hock, stands correctly in front and rear, correct coat in excellent condition, rich tan markings slightly sooty on pastern and toes, steady balanced movement, very good reach in drive, rises slightly over the croup, loose elbows.  JUDGE: Mick Svaljeck, FCI (Australia)

CRITIQUE: 14 months old, very strong bones, very good temperament, nice head, nice pigmentation, very good body muscle, very good coat, good topline, excellent movement.  JUDGE: Nebojsa Savicic, FCI (Serbia)

CRITIQUE: Medium size, 13 months, compact type, excellent head, medium ears, eyes and pigment dark, short and strong muzzle, correct bones, straight fore and back legs, short back, very good chest, medium angulations, correct coat with brown markings, free movement.  JUDGE: Christian Bernbacher, FCI (Austria)


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