VP1 "2012" RKNA Spring Sieger Show, Ztp & Korung in 6-9 Females
VP "2012 RKNA Mid-Michigan Spring Breed Show & Ztp in 6-9 Females
VP2 "2012" ARV National Sieger Show in 9-12 Females
VP "2012" ARV Regional Sieger Show in 9-12 Females
V4  "2012" AIRK Nationals in 12-18 Females
V5  2012" RKNA  SWRK Breed Show in 12-18 Females


Multi V Rated


CRITIQUE: Very well built, strong bones, strong head, medium high set ears, very good stop and cheek bones, brown eyes, strong muzzle, dark mouth pigment, short neck, very good chest, very good angulated, straight back slightly sloping croup, correct tail, correct markings, free and far reaching gaits.  JUDGE: Herr Helmut Weiler, ADRK (Germany)

CRITIQUE: 7 months, strong bones, body good substance, strong head, good stop, deep brown eyes, pigment dark, medium ears high set and carried on overhead, good forechest, straight in front, a little long on the back, compact type, very good angulation, correct in coat and markings, scissor bite. Movement: Good movement.  JUDGE: Herr Uwe Petermann AKRK (Germany)

CRITIQUE: Scissors bite, complete dentition, 10 months, medium in size, very good substance, sufficient bone, very good attitude, strong feminine female head, very good expression, small to medium high set ears, carried correctly, very good stop, dark brown eyes, short strong broad deep muzzle, very good chest construction, well sprung pasterns, slightly splayed well arched toes, slightly short in upper arm, very pleasingly clean neck line, slight dip in wither, correctly set carried tail, very good gum and lip pigment, strong hind quarter, well muscled clearly defined upper and lower thighs, well set and angled hocks, very good coat condition, medium rich tan markings, well set and clearly defined throughout. Balanced in steady movement, slightly soft topline, slightly rising over croup, over all energetic movement.  JUDGE: Mick Svaljeck, FCI (Australia)

CRITIQUE: 11 months, tight scissor bite, high drive, correct coat and markings, complete dentiton, deeper set strong neck, excellent top and bottom line, strong back in croup, strong chest, excellent front and rear angulation, extra skin on neck, softer toes, correct in movement softer topline, strong ties, excellent reach.  JUDGE: Lydia Mihajlovic, FCI (Serbia)

CRITIQUE: 12 months old, very good type, very good head, good temperament, dark eyes, correct in front, correct in the back, excellent movement, good angulation.  JUDGE: Nebojsa Savicic, FCI (Serbia)

CRITIQUE: 12 months, very good temperament, compact type, strong head, eyes and mouth pigment dark, correct eyes, medium size, correct bones, very good chest, correct topline in croup, correct angulations and elbows, fore hand and back hand are correct, excellent coat with brown markings, free movement.  JUDGE: Christian Bernbacher (Australia)


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